January has been a busy month. Testing out a new website, entering photo competitions (the ones that I am not too old for - looking at you, Magenta), playing our newly acquired XBox/Guitar Hero, flea marketing and of course, taking lots of photos. Found this record at the flea with a Jim Flora illustration on the cover. If you aren't familiar, check his site. Amazing stuff.

photos © geoffrey ellis



Trying out Blogger for a bit. I have been using Dreamweaver/html for the last few years and thought I'd give this updating on the web thing a try. Had some time this weekend (not to mention it was sunny) so my sister and I went to the flea market. I shot a few photos and was pretty happy with the results. Ringo Starr, a plumb bob and a state fair pin in a mirrored, glass-top box, with a bunch of other dirty junk makes for a pretty cool pic.

photos © geoffrey ellis



Yes, the answer is a cockfighting ring. There were 2 correct answers. The first was from Ronnie Ruiz who wins a Sadkids zine (when the next one comes out) and some other surprise stuff. And the second correct answer was from Timothy Briner who won a homecooked meal from my wife Sarah. You see Tim is on a 6 month journey, documenting the towns called Boonville across the US. There is a Boonville north of SF so he will be here soon. Also, you really should DONATE to his cause if you have a little extra scratch, because who doesn't want to help an artist make his dream come true? Ronnie, don't feel bad, if you come to town we will hook you up with some food too.

photos © geoffrey ellis



We stumbled upon a creepy little sporting ring near Sayulita (Mexico). I'm wondering if anyone can guess what it is used for? (I know the answer). Send me an email with a guess and I will post the answer in a few days. I don't really have any prizes, but maybe I can figure out something to send you. A bag of sand or a half used starbucks giftcard or a copy of my new zine (whenever it's finished).

photos © geoffrey ellis