Sarah and I have had our friend Tim Briner staying with us for the past few days. He's on a huge, cross-country photography trip and his last stop is Boonville, CA (just north of SF). We had so much fun that it's sad to see him go. We played guitar hero, watched DVDs and Tivo, went to a baseball game in the rain, drank a lot (bloody marys - and beers), ate even more (food and candy) and in exchange he showed me how to use a 4x5 camera (awesome). We also pressured him into joining facebook and twitter. Now he will never get anything done. We're such enablers.

photos © geoffrey ellis


Timothy said...

You ARE an enabler, Geoff! A great quality, it is exactly what I needed.

Thanks for the bed! And the Guitar Hero! And the booze! And the FG! And the Arrested Development! And the Fried Chicken! And the... You get it. Thanks!

Timothy said...

And we totally look like dorks!