I have my very own show this week in Portland, OR at a very cool spot called Reading Frenzy. I have been selling issues of my photo-zine there for ages so I figured, why not make it a photo show and a zine release party? So, along with my photo show, I will be unveiling Sadkids Number 5 (the GonerFest Edition) on Thursday night (June 5th, from 6-9pm). The show will be up through the month of June, and the zines will be available until they run out. If you are in Portland, go check it out!


Allison V. Smith said...

Good luck with the show! And save me a zine. I want to buy one!!

Jacksonism said...

What was up with that drug addled time-travelin' 90's club kid who wanted to drink his beer outside?

sadkids said...

thanks allison, the show went really well. I'll save you a zine.

and jacksonism, yeah, what was up with that kid?!