I got film back from the lab and for the 4th time in a row there was a problem with the roll. This time, it was my fault and not camera or lab error. I guess I left my leica face up on a bright day and the jerky sun beamed through my lens and burned a hole in my shutter curtain! There is literally a tiny hole that is letting light onto my film. Ugh. 20 years with nary a mishap and now 4 in a row. Lame bones.

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Sarah is on a short list of some hot ladies. Playboy has called her one of the hottest female bloggers. The page she's on is actually work safe, so don't worry about your boss. Unless simply going to playboy.com will get you canned. Do you want to get canned? Then go to the site and vote Sarah Lacy!

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I was lucky enough to be interviewed by joseph robertson for LAB Magazine and issue 2 has just come out. I know I did a decent job answering questions because Sarah said she read it 100x. All you have to do is read it once (and maybe even buy a print-on-demand copy).



Walking around downtown LA was super inspiring. We stopped in Clifton's Cafeteria which is the last remaining cafeteria from its era. We heard an older lady telling the manager that the first time she came to Clifton's was in 1941. The interior is decorated to resemble something like Yosemite. Natural wood fixtures, fake wildlife, a giant wall that looks like a forest - and then there's the upstairs dining room with the most gaudy wallpaper anyone could wish for. I didn't have a chance to try the food but I'm glad we stopped in. It is a must visit when downtown LA.

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Today is the last day of my show in Portland at Reading Frenzy. If you didn't see it you should be ashamed! Unless you don't live in PDX, then it's ok that you didn't see it. And, Portland, if you aren't sick of me yet, I will have photos in a show in late August. More details to come (eventually).

Speaking of out-of-town, Sarah and I were in Los Angeles this weekend for a friends wedding party. We also got to see my friend Jerry and we walked around downtown and took a million photos (see below). It's amazing down there.

photos © geoffrey ellis