I am back in SF, today is my birthday, I think I still have a cold and Gonerfest is over. BUT, I still have 2 shows up. One in Memphis and one in SF. So, again, if you haven't been to see either one, you have this week to see the one in SF and at least until mid-October to see the one in Memphis.

Gonerfest was a complete blast (again). I feel sorry for those who didn't make it. And, I shot a bunch of film in Memphis. Can't wait to see what I got. Below is a bit of digital stuff from Gonerfest 5.

photos © geoffrey ellis



My awesome wife Sarah Lacy - a.k.a. the original sarahcuda (let's just call her Mrs. Ellis) put together a really nice video plugging my Goner show. This doesn't mean you shouldn't come see the show. "Oh, I saw it on video, I don't have to go now." Wrong. If you are in Memphis, you must come down. I'll be waiting for you... Thanks for the video Sarah!

One Night Only! (I Actually Get to See Mr. Lacy) from sarah lacy on Vimeo.


Gonerfest 5 starts tonight in Memphis. I am lucky enough to be a part of it this year by having a photo show up at the Goner Record shop for the Opening Ceremonies. If you are confused about this whole Goner mess, check out my zine for a bit of clarity. Or better yet, just come to Memphis and see for yourself.

Showtime: Thursday, September 25th, 5-7pm @ Goner (2152 Young Ave in Memphis)

photo © geoffrey ellis



I am heading to Memphis on Wednesday to go to Gonerfest 5. Not only will I be attending, but I'll also have a photo show up at the Goner Record shop.

The opening is on THURSDAY, SEPT 25th from 5-7pm, and will feature a live music show from King Louie One Man Band. And it's FREE.

Look how fun last year was. If you are within 150 miles of Memphis, you must go.

photos © geoffrey ellis



The WELCOME ALL opening at Needles and Pens was a huge success. Hundreds poured through, art was sold, friends were made, music was played, beer was consumed, it was awesome. The show is still up (until October 6th - go see it!). If you missed the opening here are links to some photos from N&P and my sister Jenn.

Next Wednesday I have an opening in Memphis. More details momentarily.

Photos 1&2 © Andrew Martin Scott/Photo 3 © Jennifer Ellis


UPCOMING: friday Friday FRIDAY!!!

Tonight I am going to see Built To Spill perform their album "Perfect From Now On" in it's entirety at Slim's in SF. Epic freaking album. Top 10 of mine for sure. And when I am done with that I will have a nice and busy week working, watching Sarah leave town again (boooooo), and attending my co-show opening (with Andrew Scott) in SF at Needles and Pens (6-9 FRIDAY, Sept 12th).

Oh, and Sadkids #5 will be making its SF debut on Friday night, so bring a few extra 8-dollar bills.

And if that's not enough to get you out, then you must know that there will also be live music at the opening (a Television Personalities Cover Band!). Dang. Good times!

photo © geoffrey ellis



Needles and Pens presents: WELCOME ALL

A Photographic Exhibition of Americana and Beyond in Full & Half-Frame Format by, GEOFFREY ELLIS AND ANDREW M SCOTT.

Featuring: A display of decaying signs, deteriorating marquees, cracked neon, and crumbling typography. As well as, an assortment of old barns, pawn shops, laundromats, liquor stores, barber shops and coffee joints (and for god’s sake, no loitering, no shirt, no shoes, no service). And let’s not forget, an array of rusty cars, antique bikes, and motor-homes. And of course, a collection of faded posters, jukeboxes, 45s, soul music, and other relics of a less homogenized world.

OPENS FRIDAY, SEPT. 12, 2008, 6-9 PM

3253 16TH ST

Photo © Andrew M Scott