It's been a good year for me (and Sarah). Sarah had a book come out, traveled around the world and a whole lot more (you can read about all that HERE if you so desire).

I got a few things accomplished myself.

A little list:

Didn't have a beard/had a beard/didn't have a beard

Had photos in 5 shows (2 solo)

Released a new zine (Sadkids #5)

Attended 2 portfolio reviews (one with Alec Soth)

Saw Jeff Wall and Lee Friedlander shows at SFMoma

Hosted Tim Briner at our old house for at least 3 weeks

Bought a 100 year old house in SF after Tim left

Shot at least 500GB of digital photos

Shot a bunch of rolls of film

Played a lot of Guitar Hero

Watched a zillion hours of TV (thanks TiVo)

Enjoyed music by MGMT, No Age, Man Man, Hank IV, Vivain Girls, Lil Wayne, Crystal Castles, Deerhunter, Nobunny, Jay Reatard...

Attended a lot of A's games

Made a ton of new friends (online and in real life)

Consumed numerous Bloody Marys, Beers and shots of Jager

Damaged and repaired 1 Leica M3

Visited Portland, Los Angeles, Reno, New York, Des Moines, Omaha, Memphis, Hawaii and Mexico

And made MILLIONS from the photo industry bailout...


photos © geoffrey ellis 2009!

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Ronnie Ruiz said...

awesome stuff my friend! and the bailout, who'da thunk eh?!!! :)