My wife Sarah (since she calls me Mr. Lacy on her blog, I will call her Mrs. Ellis on mine) is in Israel for a couple of weeks. So she's having all kinds of fun, being insanely controversial, and taking the photos that I should be taking. I'd say she's doing a pretty good job at all of those things.

photos © Sarah Lacy


Timothy Briner said...

So how many movies have you watched while she has been gone?

sadkids said...

If it's possible to have watched a billion movies, then that's how many...

ck said...

Your loss is my brain fart. As a result of the controversy I decided to follow your wife on twitter. Now any mention of @sarahcuda and my brain starts to play that retarded 70's song by Heart, but instead of the usual lyrics, all I hear is:

"And if the real thing don't do the trick
You better make up something quick
You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick

So yeah, her post in techcrunch was controversial and many in the Israeli tech community are angry with her despite the fact that her observations were pretty much spot on. But my gripe with her is based on that lame-o song invading my thoughts every time someone mentions her. Or she tweets. Or something.

Damn you sarahcuda, damn you!!!

Uhm... I'm mostly kidding by the way, so please don't worry. The song is annoying, but I'll live. Really I will. And I'm not in Israel till Monday and besides I live in Jerusalem... I don't want the lonely husband to worry!

sadkids said...

@ck if sarah decided to become a roller derby girl, then sarahcuda would be her name. and she said she's sorry the song gets stuck in your head.

ck said...

That's kind of her. My fave roller derby girl from the 70s was skinny minnie miller from the Montreal team. No song associated with her name, which is kinda sad no?

sadkids said...

But there is a song called Skinny Minnie, by Bill Haley!


Good stuff too. Also covered by the garage band the Mummies in the early 90s.

Stick that one in your head instead!

ck said...

No more brain farts! However, one good turn deserves another - here's skinny minnie miller knocking the shit out of sweet stephanie garcia. can you scream "cat fight!?"


dig the hair, dig the clothes, dig the outrageous political incorrectness - all vestiges of a bygone era. Now we have the internets. big whoop.