Sunday, June 14th: We went to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. It was intense. No words can describe. Just so unbelievable. 1,000,000 killed in 3 months. How is that even possible? Wall of names, mass graves, photos, tributes, skulls, bones - totally horrifying, but very well done and tasteful in terms of memorial and education. After that we visited a metal co-op where they make things out of old oil drums. Woks, BBQ grills, cake tins, chairs, foot lockers... it was incredible. Then we walked around a vibrant neighborhood with tons of local businesses and all of them had the most kick-ass hand-painted signs. I felt like we were in Memphis for a minute! We also ate a lot of great fish and chicken and Sarah did a bunch of "legwork" before I got there and found our favorite beer for us called M├╝tzig.

photos © geoffrey ellis

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