Monday, June 15th: We got up early and drove out to the Akagera Game Lodge in the Eastern Province. Scene of the now infamous Baboon Incident. An interesting thing about Rwanda is the quality of the roads. The paved roads are great and even the dirt roads are better than some "paved" roads in California. We passed by mud-brick house after mud-brick house. And there were little kids everywhere. But nearly everyone has food and water and many have electricity. We got to the national park and signed up for a total DIY safari. We supplied the car and driver and they supplied the park ranger (named Kalimbu Charles). He was awesome. We drove into a grassland valley and found Impala, Zebra, Water Buffalo, tons of birds, 2 snakes, Antelope, etc. (Check out my Ryan McGinley-style zebra shot). Ha! We also encountered biting Horse Flies and Tse Tse Files. Damn those things are ugly. We even got in a motorboat and cruised out into the lake looking for Crocodiles and Hippos. We only saw some lame birds but being out on the water was great. And we had a nice view of the hills of Tanzania. After the day long safari we retired to the Game Lodge.

photos © geoffrey ellis


Ruby Sunday said...

Great photos. Are on vacation or some kind of work trip? Seems very exciting.

sadkids said...

Thanks! Was on vacation, now back and posting photos/stories (internet connection in Rwanda pretty much sucked).

Angus said...

Wow Im very jealous! I want to become some sort of animal photographer and this was stunning to me. Kudos