It's been a month since I've posted? Ok, here are some more Rwanda pics.

Rwanda: Day Three

Tuesday: This was the morning of the Baboon incident. Crazy pastry stealing bastard. We couldn't find any Giraffes the day before but heard they were nearby, so we called up Charles and took a mini-safari to see them. The Giraffes were probably the coolest animals we saw. There was a baby, who at 4 months old was already taller than Yao Ming, and a female and male. The male was like 4 stories tall. Forget the ones you've seen at the zoo, this guy was for real, just hanging out in nature. After the safari we drove 3 hours back to Kigali and went to bed early.

Rwanda: Day Four

Wednesday: We got up early and headed south to the Murambi Technical School Genocide Memorial site. This was probably the most emotional day we had in Rwanda. The school was the site of a massacre where 50,000 people were murdered. They survived there for 2 weeks without food or water before finally being ambushed, slaughtered and thrown into mass graves. Only 7 people survived. Most of the bodies were reburied in new mass graves, but dozens of school rooms now hold hundreds of skulls, bones and about 1,000 mummified bodies, preserved in lime and laid out for visitors to see. The smell was so intense. It stuck on our clothes and in our noses for the rest of the day. It made it impossible to forget what we had seen. I only took 2 photos there, the one below a marker for the original mass graves and I am not posting the other. If you want to know what we saw, you'll just have to go there yourself. After the memorial site, we were pretty spent. We back through Huye (aka Butare), had some lunch, went to the Rwanda Cultural Museum and then back to Kigali for the night.

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Sam Purtill said...

Geoff - looks like we went to a lot of the same places. That genocide memorial was brutal, one of the most sobering events of my life. Here's a dump of the photos I took:


See you soon!

sadkids said...

Yeah, that place was intense. But the country is so amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos. See you soon.