September 5th is my 5 year wedding anniversary. Where am I? On a roadtrip. Without my wife. Now, before you call me a jerk, hear me out. Sarah was originally going to be out of town for our anniversary, but due to certain circumstances, she couldn't get a visa to her destination in time, so she had to cancel her trip. Knowing she was going to be out of town for our anniversary -- and being ok with it -- I extended my out-of-town work trip, booked a non-refundable car, planned to visit some friends in the Pacific Northwest and return on Monday. I do feel like an ass that I am away, but I didn't find out she wasn't going out of town until the night before I left. So, she is at home and I am g-o-n-e. Quite the opposite of the norm since she is the one usually gone while traveling around the world reporting on her new book. What is incredibly cool though, is that she is understanding and is ok with me being gone this weekend. Sure we both think it sucks and miss each other, but this is what makes our relationship great. Do you still think I'm a jerk? If so, ask Sarah how she feels about it and you'll know I found the perfect girl. 10 years together with no end in sight. I picked a great one.

Happy 5th, my dear. See you soon.

photo © jennifer ellis

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